2020-21 Virtual Zoom Room Staff


Mohid Sharif

Name: Mohid Sharif
Position: Computer Programming Coach
Favourite Memory at Go Green: Last day of 2020 summer camp (final goodbyes and talent show)
What I do in my spare time: Make fun apps and play video games.


Hammad Siddiqui

Name: Muhammad Hammad Siddiqui
Position: Computer Coding Coach 
Favorite memory: My favorite memory at GGYC so far has to be the Cricket Tournament we held in the summer of 2019. The participants had a lot of fun and displayed great skills with the bat and ball. 


Haider Ali

My name is Haider. I am a programming coach at Go Green Youth Center. 

I am a grade 12 student studying at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. One thing I love doing in my spare time is playing sports especially soccer and cricket. Sports are one of the main reasons why I wanted to become a part of Go Green Youth Center. So I have had an amazing time at Go Green Youth Center.

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Michael Ma

Program Manager
Talha Malik.jpg

Talha Malik

Executive Director
Ahmed Siddiqui.jpg

Ahmed Siddiqui

Program Manager

Where I went to school: Ryerson University Civil Engineering 

Fav. Memory: Inauguration of the flood lights at the Go Green Cricket Field 

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Talha Khan

Ahmed Jamil Mian

Taha Malik

Position: Fitness Instructor 
Favorite thing about working here: I love working with children and Go Green has a friendly and fun organization.
Life goal: I am looking to pursue my career in law enforcement. 
Favorite memory:  Winning Second-Divison Cricket Championship as a team.
Where I go to school: York University 

Position: Cricket head coach.

Where I went to School: Centennial College

What I do in my spare time: Spend time with my family and friends. Watch or play cricket whenever I get the chance. Also, I exercise to keep up with my physical and mental health.

Hey, my name is Taha. I’m a cricket and soccer coach at Go Green Youth Centre. My favourite thing about working here is teaching participants about cricket especially when the participants have no clue what it is. In my spare time, I like to exercise or watch my favourite tv-show. 


Daud Abbas

Position: Cricket & Soccer Coach

Where I go to school: Ryerson University

Favorite memory at Go green: Playing indoor cricket with friends every Tuesday night 


Jarar Khan

Position: Digital Photography & Arts Coach 

Favourite thing about working here:  It doesn’t feel like work at all. Everyone is so kind to each other. We have a lot of fun at work, and I have such a healthy fun relationship with staff and participants.

What I do in my spare time: I like to be active and participate in sports. My favourite is basketball, but in the summer I play cricket with the Go Green cricket teams.


Akbar Cheema

Basketball & Volleyball Coach

Areeba Zubair.png

Areeba Zubair

Cooking & Nutrition Coach, Head of Go Green Go Girls Program

Zakir Khan

Gooking & Nutrition Coach

Mashhood Khan.jpg

Mashood Khan

Position: Basketball & Volleyball Coach


Usman Jangda

Position: Basketball & Volleyball Coach


Loukas Theodoropoulos

Marketing & Digital Photography Coach

Leaders-in-Training Volunteers


Sanjeya Emanuel Suganthan

My position at GGYC is currently a volunteer for EcoArts.
A fun fact about me is that I am an athlete and I play multiple sports ranging from basketball to volleyball to soccer etc. I am currently in a league volleyball team with Galaxy Volleyball. I have been playing sports since the age of four and have continued and will continue to do so for further years. 
 On my free time I enjoy playing video games, watching movies, spending time with family and reading books.
I go to school at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute 
When I finish high school I am going to study and get my Masters of Education degree. I have always wanted to travel the world therefore,  if I get my Masters of Education I would travel the world teaching English in my desired country and then after one year I would come back to Canada and do something else with my Masters.


Sangika Emanuel Suganthan

Muhammad Saifullah

I currently don’t have a position at the moment but during the Summer and March Break camp, I was an LIT (Leader In Training). 
I attend at Marc Garneau CI
I’m very athletic, I play rep volleyball for the team (Galaxy Volleyball).

I'm currently in grade 12 at Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute. As of now, I'm working as an LIT in the Health and Fitness program at Go Green Youth Centre. I enjoy playing different sports such as basketball, cricket, and soccer in my spare time. My favourite memory that I can recall in Go Green is when I played my first ever hardball match, along with my friends, as part of the Under-13 Go Green Cricket Club team member.

Mohammed Usman.jpg

Mohammad Usman

I am currently an LIT at Go Green. 
During my spare time, I like to read and participate in sports to maintain my fitness and enhance my physical skills. My life goal is to successfully become a doctor and work deeper into the medical field.

Ziyan Abbasi

Leader In Training Basketball & Volleyball Coach

My favourite Thing about working here is that I get to put smiles on kids faces by teaching them new activities.

What do I do in my spare time: I am mostly doing some workout sessions or watching some movies.

My life goal is to make my parents proud by being a successful and respectful person.

My favourite memory at Go Green goes back six years ago when we were playing a cricket tournament and we were in the finals. We were losing badly but things took a turn when I scored more then 30 runs and won the game for my team.

A fun fact about me is that I am a very athletic person and can play almost all the sports.

I go Ryerson University and am studying Business Technology Management.