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GGYC Permits Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do I permit through Go Green Youth Centre instead of the Toronto District School Board?

Go Green Cricket & Sports Field is a privately built site costing more than $2.5 million dollars, which is operated by Go Green Youth Centre. GGYC’s sublicense agreement with the TDSB grants it the right to permit the site to outside groups.

Do I require insurance in order to permit TDSB/GGYC space?

All permits must have insurance coverage. Please include a Certificate of Insurance with the permit application form. If a permitter does not have coverage, it MUST purchase user group insurance coverage through GGYC. A user group cannot permit our site without user group insurance. Contact our staff to obtain GGYC rates.

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What is required for the Certificate of Insurance?

The Certificate of Insurance must name both the Toronto District School Board and Go Green Youth Centre as “additional insureds” with minimum liability coverage of $2,000,000. It must be a current certificate.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Cheques and online payments are accepted. Cash payments are NOT accepted. Online payments are the PREFERRED payment method. Cheques must be made payable to “Go Green Youth Centre.”

**Please note that security deposits may only be paid through a cheque.

How is an application processed?

The application is reviewed by our staff in order to ensure all relevant information is obtained and documented. Our staff may contact you if additional information is required. Once approved by our Executive Director and permits-related staff, a tentative permit is issued to the permit holder for signature. The firm permit is issued when the signed tentative permit and other paperwork including the COI are returned and payment is arranged.

When is a permit application processed?

Bulk processing starts for permits on March 1st (and may be reviewed earlier) for outdoor permits. Permits are reviewed on a rolling basis.

Am I able to host a function (concert, fun fair, celebrity cricket match, charity event, etc.) instead of a regular sport match?

Decisions for such applications are made on a case by case basis. They are judged by our GGYC management team. Previous events hosted on our site include the Martha Billes Jumpstart Games (Canadian Tire), Islamic Society of Toronto Fundraiser Fun Fair, OneParent Kids First Fun Fair (special guest Mayor John Tory), World Partnership Walk Charity Cricket Tournament, etc.

Are washrooms available on your site?

Unfortunately, we do not have permanent washrooms on our site. We normally have two portapotties. although that is not guranteed. For larger events, clients may rent additional portapotties. Clients will be required to pay a fee for renting additional portapotties.

Note: Portapotties are not guaranteed to be onsite and should be requested on your application if required.

The nearest washroom facilities are available at the Flemingdon Park Shopping Centre.

How is garbage handled on your site?

At the request of a client and at the discretion of a permits supervisor (if deemed necessary), GGYC garbage and recycling bins will be made available to our clients. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the garbage liners are tied and appropriately disposed of at the city garbage bins located in the parking lot behind the basketball court. Permit supervisors are only required to provide and retrieve garbage bins. The client is responsible for the management of garbage. Medium/large scale events are required to have a garbage management strategy and/or to contract a caretaking service. The TDSB does not supply garbage or recycling bins on the weekend. If you require the use of our garbage and recycling bins, you must advise us on the permit application.

Do you have water access on your site?

Unfortunately, we do not have water access (drinking fountain, hose, etc.) available on our site for clients. We encourage clients to bring water in coolers, reusable water bottles, etc. Although generally discouraged, if clients choose to use disposable plastic water bottles, please put all used bottles in GGYC recycling containers or in the City’s green recycling bin in the parking lot. Synthetic plastic does not biodegrade and is harmful to the environment.

Who maintains the facility?

Under the collective agreement between the TDSB and its caretaking services, the TDSB is solely responsible for field maintenance work (including grass cutting). GGYC and the TDSB work cooperatively to ensure our site receives necessary maintenance.

What is your policy on the use of recreational marijuana, smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol and other drugs?

GGYC is subject to the policies of the Toronto District School Board and Municipal/Provincial/Federal laws. The use of drugs, including recreational marijuana and cigarettes is strictly prohibited on our public site. If a client is found to be in violation of this policy, consequences include indefinite or permanent suspension of future permits. Security deposits may not be returned.

Can I have my permit fee refunded in the event of rain or event cancellation?

Clients will be given one week after first booking a permit to cancel/change scheduling without losing 50% of a permit invoice payment. In the event of rain, GGYC will do its best to provide an alternative date. Depending on the circumstances, refunds may or may not be issued.

Can I permit the indoor space at Valley Park Middle School?

GGYC is not allowed to extend its own indoor permits to other groups. Clients must separately permit the indoor space at Valley Park Middle School through the TDSB permits department.

How much time is allotted at the end of my permit?

Clients will not be granted additional time for use of our outdoor LED sports lights. Our City of Toronto permit allows us to operate our lights until 11:00 pm from Sunday – Thursday and until 11:59 pm on Friday and Saturday evenings. This means clean-up related activities must happen before the lights are switched off. Our permit supervisors/officers usually will give a 30 -minute warning before they switch off the lights.

When a permit ends, other permits are likely to begin. Therefore, it is important that enough time is requested for activities to finish on time. If a client extends past their allotted time frame on their permit, their security deposit will be automatically withheld.

Why does the GGYC need to know how many participants/spectators my event will have?

Clients are required to provide this information for insurance purposes. This is also required by Toronto District School Board policy for insurance and security purposes. If any activity will attract more than 300 people, TDSB policy requires that TWO paid duty Toronto Police Services officers are hired for the duration of your event. It is extremely important that you are transparent about your activities due to liability concerns and public safety.

Can our group use GGYC equipment (cricket, soccer nets, etc.)?

Go Green Youth Centre will not be allowing the use of GGYC sport equipment. Clients should plan activities with their own equipment.

Are we allowed any storage?

Permit holders cannot use our storage spaces.

Why are permit supervisors required for my permit?

Permit requests such as use of our LED sports lights, electrical receptacle outlets, digital scoreboard and sound system may be available but only if operated by a GGYC assigned permit supervisor. If any of those items are requested on the permit application, GGYC will arrange for a permit supervisor(s) to provide this service. (Fees will be added to the Permit Contract).

How does your sound system work?

We have four speakers (one on each light pole). Clients are able to request speakers to play music or use our microphone system to make announcements (e.g.: game commentary). A GGYC supervisor must be present to operate the equipment.

What if I need to make changes to our permit once it is approved?

Changes, additions and cancellations to your permit can be requested by contacting our staff. Changes are not guaranteed. Additional charges may apply depending on the change/addition/cancellation.

What do I do if there is another group using my permitted space at the time of the permit?

You should always have a copy of your permit on your person. Please present your permit to the other group and the permit supervisor on site. This usually solves the situation. If this proves ineffective, the contact number for TDSB Security is 416-395-4620. Response times vary as geographic areas of coverage are large. The permit supervisor(s) is not responsible for site security.

Who do I speak to if I have any feedback about my permit?

GGYC values our clients and appreciates your feedback. Please contact our Executive Director if you have helpful suggestions or concerns.

Talha Malik, Executive Director,