Mission Statement

At the Go Green Youth Centre, our mission is to relieve poverty and assist disadvantaged youth, particularly children of recent immigrants, to overcome

social exclusion and isolation by establishing a multi-sport field and operating

free multi-sport & enriched recreational programs for children of low-income families in Flemingdon Park and Thorncliffe Park (a Neighbourhood Improvement Area) in Toronto.


We have built and operate an inclusive and welcoming environmentally sustainable multi-sport facility that stimulates youth to be active, healthy and engaged as well as skilled and ecologically responsible leaders in their neighbourhood.

Through our youth-led programs, we help newcomers and youth make new friends, build support networks, practice English, maintain good health, reduce stress, foster leadership opportunities, and develop employment skills.

Our Beliefs


Demonstrating honesty and fairness at all times.


Recognizing and protecting the inherent worth of every person, including oneself.


Being dependable and accountable for choices, actions, and commitments.


Fostering a sense of belonging for all.


Building relationships and demonstrating concern for the needs of others.


Ability and willingness to embrace new and different ideas and to be open to change.

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